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Children love to play, they need to play.  They also need to sleep so that they can grow.  Their bedrooms are their sanctuary, their office, their Neverland, their independent space.  Creating a room for them to grow up in is such a great project and Rooomy can help.

Kids spend so much time learning, their sponge like brain absorbing all the information it can.  Being creative is the best way for them to learn about themselves and the world around them; growing up in a creative space can only aid this wonderful development.  If you too can be creative what wonderful modelling this is, but if this is a sticking point for you, there are lots of peeps out there who can help.

Twins? Siblings?  Regular sleepovers?  Sharing a room can be tough, you’ll be wanting to make the most of space too.  Would you like the room to feel fair to each personality?  Rooomy magazine will share great ideas and tips on how to achieve all that you want to when trying to keep everyone happy, including you.

You’re stuck for space and you don’t want your child to feel cramped.  They seem to be accumulating a vast amount of stuff, toys, books, more toys, stuffed animals and more.  We bring you great designs for making the most of your space, with great storage ideas and not having to compromise on style.

You see bold rooms and wonder if you could be that brave.  You can, you really can, it’s your home, your rules no one is looking, go for it! If you do go for it please let us know and send some pics in!

Do you Do it yourself?  Please let us know, our original Rooomy pic was from a very proud wife whose husband had built a bunkbed out of pallets.  Their 9yr old son had designed it and dad built it.  He does not do this for a living, something quite different, but he like a bit of DIY and had a go, it was a great success.  We will be offering some tips and advice on this too, shelves are always a sticking point.

They’re called the experts for a reason.  We have regular designer columnists in Rooomy magazine as well as guest writers.  They will bring you their incredible transformations plus tips on how to pull it all together yourself.

Like the fashion industry, interior design is changing all the time.  We will bring you all the latest trends for your kid's rooms, be it a the latest colour palette or just an item of soft furnishing that will change the whole feel of the room without having to redesign the whole look.

After a full day at school and with most of the year's evenings in low light a fresh room can feel really invigorating, helping to blow away the cobwebs of routine and help your child to feel at home and ready to rest.