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2017 UK Wall Decals

November 6, 2017

Rooomy picks the top wall decals in the UK

plus a couple from down under

Having been firmly instructed by my friend’s in the know to look after my Instagram feed and keep it “on brand”, i.e. no crazy pics of me having been face painted by my kids or on my 5th G&T, I do try to make sure the posts are of inspiring rooms.  But there are so many great products out there which I am desperate to share, and now Rooomy has a blog I can do that!  To be honest it is tough to whittle them down as there is such a broad choice.  So, I have tried to keep this varied, so that hopefully there’ll be something for everyone. I would love to know what you like and don’t like.  There’s no right or wrong here, it’s all down to personal preference. 




Wall Decals


If you are trying to decorate a room that can grow with your child or are renting, then Wall Decals are your best friend.  They are equally helpful if you can’t make up your mind or you like being able to switch things up easily when you get bored of a design.


The beauty of wall decal stickers these days is that they are produced to a very high standard with the integrity of your walls in mind, which means they peel off without taking all the paint away or leaving half of themselves still clinging to your wall, leaving you chipping away with a palette knife (never a fun place to be!).  All of this then leaves your wall clear for the next wall decals you’ve fallen in love with (or more likely the brand your kid has become obsessed with, haha!).


Being a proud Brit I began by looking into UK designers, but have also added one from the other side of the world too, since they are designers I have followed from the very start and loyalty is important too!


KoKo Kids


Based in Brighton KoKo Kids create an exclusive range of fabric wall stickers for the nursery and children's rooms.  What makes them different to other wall decals is they give their products a vintage or graphic twist, the resulting products keep stylish parents very happy.


If you have been looking at sticker options for a while and can’t see the wood for the trees, then check these designs out - they are very sweet and just different enough that you feel you’re adding something unique to your home and not simply recreating what you might think everyone else is doing.

My top 4 are from KoKo Kids are….



Owl & the Pussy Cat – I have not seen anything that encapsulates nursery rhyme, enchantment, cute and with subtle tones so well as this design.  It is an easy trap to fall into with nursery décor to make it too cute, which can leave some parents teeth aching.  This design puts all that to one side and leaves you with a seriously stylish and adorable feature in your kids’ rooms.


Pop Art Circles – these stickers are different and fun, and they can easily grow with your kid too. If they decide they’re a bit too grown up for Disney (that never happened for me - still a die hard fan!) then you can simply peel off the Mickey head and the rest of the collection still works perfectly.


Shanghai Polka Dots – sometimes you simply don’t want pictures up, especially if you can’t decide on a theme, or maybe you want to wait and see what your child will be interested in.  These colourful polka dots will bring some life and character to the room whilst you wait, and they don’t have to be removed when you decide on a theme they can be relocated to another part of the room or simply added to.


Woodland Animals – if you don’t want cutie pinks or bold primary colours then you can’t go wrong with this colour palette.  You could paint your own background scene and add these gorgeous guys in, or have them dotted around the room, hopping off shelves or curtain poles. 


JoJo Maman Bebe


When you think JoJo Maman your mind might go to gorgeous children’s clothing and maybe even maternity wear, but they do a stunning nursery range too.  Here are my favourite decals from their range:


Noah’s Ark – a nursery classic.  I created a Noah’s Ark cross stitch for my eldest daughter’s nursery which you can see here.  The thing with a classic is that there will be lots of different variations out there to choose from, some look like Playmobil animals, others are dark and edgy, what’s your preference?  I like this one the most, colourful, detailed, fun and stylish.


Woodland Tree – this would make a great feature on any wall and with the tree being the focus it takes all the stress out of the composition, which can sometimes trip people up.


Nautical – quite fitting with their brand of course, these stickers are brilliant, and there’s a good selection for you to create a great scene, I love the little whales, second time they’re on this post actually, maybe I like them more than I realised!


Icon Wall Stickers


Whatever the theme or angle might be for your nursery, kid/teen’s room, if you are thinking that having some wall stickers are the way to go then I’ll be amazed if you can’t find something you like from these guys in Durham.  They have everything from dinosaurs to insects with all other animals and scenes in between. My top four are:



African horizon – I am passionate about all things safari as you might know from my eldest daughter’s bedroom and as soon as I saw this wall decal I knew I would have to write about it.  The colours are so warm and relaxing and I have seen nothing else like it, I love it!!


T-rex – yup, dinosaurs feature heavily in our kids lives. And I’ve seen lots of dinosaur wall stickers, BUT, to walk in on this beast, it sure is the perfect guard for your kids room. He’ll keep all the monsters under the bed and is seriously cool.


Triangles – maybe you like some symmetry in your life, a few geometric angles, maybe there isn’t one theme that grabs you enough, yet you want something to bring another level to your kid’s room.  These triangles work great as a border or they can be dotted around to bring some flow to the room.


Unicorn -  I couldn’t resist.  I can’t show this to my girls as they would fall completely in love and I would never hear the end of it.  She looks gleefully happy and who wouldn’t be prancing through a rainbow, plus she reminds me of all the massive unicorn inflatables I saw in Spain this year and all over Instagram holiday pics, can’t not smile at this one 😊




Decowall have been creating fantastic affordable wall decals since 2009.  They have a vast choice on their site so I have picked out my top four as they are classic themes, designed extremely well:



Under the Sea – this might seem a funny note but I really like the shading in this design, I like how the creatures are not one flat colour, it brings a lovely character to them.


World Map – there are lots of these on the market now and I’m sure there are more to come, but for a kid friendly approach I like the use of colour, the educational aspect in the location of the animals and the little details in the sea animals and the waves here and there.


Solar System – again, another popular theme, yet these stickers have a lot more detail than most, not just within the planets themselves, but also with the stars and rockets and comets, excellent attention to detail.


Clouds – often less is more. I will always be a huge fan of the Toy Story cloud wall which is why I was drawn to these and they would bring a perfect, gentle touch to any nursery or kids room.




The next and last two wall decals are from a company I started following on the first day I started Rooomy’s Instagram page.  I am in love the style of Gingermonkey as it can be incorporated into very boho themed rooms or it can be added to very plain and elegant rooms for a touch of beauty, and as some of you might be starting to pick up on, my love of bringing the outdoors in.  There are many versions of florals on their site and their range is starting to grow which is very exciting.  Here are my two favourites:



If you use wall decals, we’d love to see your pics of how you’ve used them. Tag us on social media @rooomy or email us hello@rooomy.co.uk


Thanks for reading see you soon


Rachel x