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October 1, 2017

The Top Rooomy Post of 2017 so far

In anticipation of next year’s magazine launch I have been posting room inspiration for a few months with a great response from everyone so far, thank you!  I wanted to share with you the top five rooms that you have like and talked about the most but the post was starting to turn into a novella.  So I am sharing the No1 post from the year so far and I am thrilled about what it turned out to be. 




The number one post so far requires a little preamble, sorry…




The very first idea behind Rooomy was “rooms for parents by parents”, yes, I know it sounds cringe, it is cringe to write (head in hands), but it is true.  I want Rooomy to inspire parents with beautiful, fun, creative rooms which designers are of course superb at, but parents can sometimes be left feeling overwhelmed by the wonderful creations of professionals and feel they are unachievable.


I don’t want anyone to feel defeated when you see posts or read articles, which is why I really want to showcase YOUR rooms, your hard work, your ideas and how proud you are of them.  Yes, that’s right! Be proud of what you do for your kids, and tell me all about it - I love it, I really do.


Preamble over…


When looking at the most popular posts so far, I was really thrilled to see that the top post was a Rooomy original!  When I first started posting, I asked parents to let me know if they had done something awesome in their kid’s room and the lovely Jenni Miller got in touch with me.  You can see why she did.  This is a picture of her son’s bed:



Her nine year old son drew it and showed it to his dad (Neil) who thought it was a great idea.  He went on to make this idea a reality and collected up a load of palettes and went to work on this absolutely incredible bed.  You might be thinking ‘well, it’s alright if you’re carpenter or joiner’, but he’s not.  Neil runs his own consultancy firm by day, but clearly has other skills and he put them to work on the weekends.  This dad can!  I can’t wait to go round and see the rest of the room, hopefully to be featured in the Rooomy mag next year, woohoo!  Hats off to Neil!




Huge thanks to Jenny for getting in touch when Roomy was just starting out, it truly does represent everything I want the magazine to be about.  Amazing parents being creative, either with their hands, minds, or both, and producing these fantastic living spaces for their kids.


If you want to see the rest of the boys room next year then please subscribe here and if you have created something wonderful too, I’d love to see it hello@rooomy.co.uk


Rachel x




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