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Rooomy's Mission

October 11, 2017

In the voice of Jerry Maguire "It's a Mission Statement"

 I would really like to chill here for a few days :o)



Every aspect of setting up Rooomy was (and still is!) completely new to me, and as a result, 2017 has been a HUGE  learning curve, and there are still 3 months left to go!


I have been shamelessly milking my friends for all their varied knowledge; one has talked to me about marketing and social media, another about design, one friend’s husband gave up his Saturday morning to teach me InDesign, I have completed a course on blogging and most recently I attended an incredible two day course on branding with the kick ass Sarah Akwisombe.






I used to think branding was a logo, but it didn’t take long to understand that there’s a LOT more to it than that.  Sarah’s blogging course was right up my street, always in a language I could understand “straight forward, no bull”, so I knew the branding course would help.  Two days of thinking about Rooomy’s design, colours, mood boards, content, imagery, art work and more, it was overwhelming but awesome. 


The absolute best part of the whole two days was being made to think and really understand my “why”. Why Rooomy? What is the point?  What am I hoping to achieve?  And put it down in writing.  If it works, in 10 years time, will I actually be doing what I set out to do, and how do I measure that? 


It was wonderful to stop thinking about the pressure of “I really need this to work so I can pay the mortgage and my husband might be able to retire at some point”.  And start thinking about how I want the magazine to be perceived and, for want of a better, less cringey way of putting it, what its essence is.  How will people feel when they are reading Rooomy?  I started getting into how I felt as an expectant first time mum wanting my baby’s rooms to be a great space and then thinking back on my childhood and what I loved about my own space and how important it was to me.  So, in a few short hours I came up with my Rooomy Mission Statement/Manifesto (all I can hear is Jerry Maguire in my head, feel free to use this voice too!).


Rooomy’s Mission


Rooomy believes that every big person has creativity within them and that your small person will thrive on it. From this you can create a room that can be a sanctuary for them, where they can create their Neverland and be everything they think possible.  There are no no’s, there are no rules, there are no limits.  Children need to be encouraged to believe in themselves and their room is their territory to decide who they want to be (not find themselves, that makes no sense).  They make friends here, they educate themselves here, they hide, laugh and cry here. 

Fundamentally, Rooomy believes that children need to grow up in a space that is special, personal and above all safe.  This is because the environment we surround ourselves with daily, impacts our well-being and our opportunity to grow in a positive direction.



So there you have it! Does it resonate with you? I wanted to share it in its infancy rather than waiting for the final edit and sometimes it’s nice to see the development of an idea.  If you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them! And if it does resonate, then do sign up so you don’t miss the magazine and feel free to pass it onto anyone else you think might enjoy it.


Rachel x


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