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February 15, 2019

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October 26, 2017

I remember secretly wanting to be a meter reading person

just so I could explore other people’s homes

Rooomy magazine launches in January and I am thrilled to have some amazing designers on board as regular columnists. I had so many questions for them all about their inspirations and processes and I’d love to share what they had to say.



This is all about Patricia (Pati) the lovely Polish Designer who now lives in Edinburgh.  I posted one of Patricia’s designs soon after I started Rooomy’s Insta account and she was instantly interested in what Rooomy was all about.  After chatting with her about the room she had designed (see the pink ceiling masterpiece below) it quickly became apparent that we shared the very same passion; wanting children to have an amazing place to grow up in and call their own.  I asked her if she’d be interested in contributing to the magazine and she agreed! Whoop whoop!




Last month we were finally able to meet up in London.  It was a great opportunity to dig a little deeper into her designing mind and especially, to hear her thoughts on rooms for smalls.


R  Pati, why design?  How did you discover interior design?

I always had it in me. Even as a young child I was fascinated with interiors, I remember       secretly wanting to be a meter reading person just so I could explore other people’s         homes 😊 I was constantly moving furniture around into new layouts and rearranging       window treatments, books and treasures around the house – Your parents must have       loved that.  Haha, yes! My background is in art, I have a Masters Degree in Art Critics       and another one in Textiles and as much as I enjoyed painting and sculpting, all I ever       wanted to do was to create beautiful interiors for people to thrive in and be happy - it       is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. So I signed up for an Interior Design course       at KLC School of Design in London and took it from there.


R  In design, what are your top two loves?

Timber flooring, I love the warm touch of real wood under bare feet. And velvet -                such a deliciously sumptuous fabric, with an incredibly tactile quality – Great for                developing minds I guess? Absolutely


R  Why kid’s rooms?  I know you do much more, why a focus on children specifically?

Children’s rooms are a joy to design, because you can really push the boundaries             with inventive and imaginative schemes. Also, kids are not as self-conscious as adults,       they are more true to themselves;  if they tell you what they love, it’s because they             really love it, not because it’s on trend.  So, if my client is a very girly girl whose                   favourite colours are dark pink and light pink then I let her have it, why not inject               some excitement and with bold colours?


    Some people will say yes, but what if she gets bored of pink? Well it is just a can of           paint – not expensive to change, but for now let her enjoy and live in a moment.  We         talk all the time about mindfulness, this is it - not stressing over something that                  doesn’t exist yet!  Kids these days are living in a very fast-paced environment, a lot of        challenges seem to be causing them a lot of anxiety, so creating a happy, safe home        should be our priority. Wow, I could not have put it any better, thank you!


R  What is your number one ‘must’ when it comes to designing kid’s rooms?

Honouring your child’s wishes, working together to achieve the bedroom of their               dreams.  Inflicting your own personal style and ignoring their preferences only teaches     them that their voice doesn’t matter. Children are more likely to take care of a space         that they have helped to create.


R  Our readers are always stressing over storage in their kid’s rooms. 

    What are your top tips?

When choosing wardrobe, go full-height, to make the most of the space, choose a           design that will suit a 3 and 13 year old and won’t go out of fashion.  If there are                 younger siblings in the picture then think about storage that can be locked, to keep         the homework and Lego out of reach.  Upcycle - you can give new life to old armoires,     chests of drawers with a lick of paint and new door knobs. Consider built-in window           seating with storage space beneath.


R  When you interview your small clients, what are the key questions you ask them?

What are your favourite colours? Sometimes the answer is red! I need to be sneaky           and I ask them to show me their drawings and then ask which crayons do they like             using most. What is their favourite outfit and why? I ask what their interests are, it’s             important to address their specific needs, I will have different criteria for a book lover       and console game enthusiast.


Another small clients room by Pati, more to be seen next year... 


R  Where do you like to be in your spare time when you’re switching off & relaxing?

Escaping to the Highlands, it’s not just about the beauty of nature, but the feeling of         experiencing nature, witnessing it.


R  What mistakes are your clients regularly making with their interiors?

They underestimate the power of well-planned lighting; the positioning, the number         of light sources and sockets, they approach the décor from how they want the room to     look but often forget how they want to feel in that space, quite often they end up with       a room that somehow doesn’t bring comfort and joy.


R    What is your dream project?

   I would love to design the interiors for a shelter for abused women and children. –             Well, I hope maybe we can make that happen, watch this space…


I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing what Pati’s all about. I love her passion for children’s autonomy when it comes to their own space.  To see more of her great work, make sure you check out the first issue of Rooomy Magazine in January 2018!  More interviews are on their way and if you want to find out more about what Rooomy is all about, then check out the previous posts on how this all started and why.


Back soon!


Rachel x

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