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Bowie's Interior Designer

November 17, 2017

I love vintage pieces. I would rather buy something old with a story .

In March 2017 I was talked into going to a bloggers meet up in London hosted by Sarah Akwisombe, which was an interesting concept for me as a non-blogger! I then found myself having to entertain the idea that I would probably need to start a blog to support Rooomy, but at this point all I had was an Instagram account.  I gulped down the nerves and forced myself to chat to the already successful blogger and I’m so pleased I did, because as soon as I mentioned children’s interiors everyone said I needed to find Lisa Mettis of Born & Bred Studio.  



Lisa was instantly interested in the Rooomy idea and was happy to chat about it further.  I looked her up straight away and loved the children’s rooms she had designed, a great retro vibe to some of them and just really well-designed spaces for “regular” people. After staying in touch all year, we were able to meet up last month and chat all things social media, blogging, juggling kids whilst working, and of course kid’s rooms and Rooomy. 


R. Why Design? How did you discover interior design?

L I think it probably started when introduced to both Ikea and Changing Rooms as a child. What can I say? A child of the eighties! I had a successful career in fashion design and made the natural transition into interiors. Setting up Born & Bred Studio to offer non-intimidating design to regular folk (you know those without a private jet or butler!)Oh, those regular folk, yeah, we do tend to think only the elite have an interior design budget, but it really is for everyone and can work for most budgets!


R. In design, what are your top three loves?

L. That’s really impossible to answer but as a born & bred Londoner. I really love our city and if I need a boost I don’t need to go far. Usually a gallery, a cool coffee shop and one of my favourite indie retailers pouring over their vision and VM inspires me.


R. Why kid’s rooms? I know you do much more, so why a focus on children


L. As a studio, we do all rooms in the house. But we like to highlight our love of kid’s rooms (instead of pretending the urchins live under the stairs!) as it’s fun and a market that is quite hit and miss. I cringe when I walk through the kid’s interior department in a lot of high street retailers. Gender stereotyping, poor quality and the primary colour palette is toe-curling. We have lots of cool indie kids retailers but not many people professionally putting the look together.  Check out Lisa's Pinterest it's brilliant! 


Storage issues?  Clear out ,GET RID!


R. What is your number one must when it comes to kid’s rooms?

L. From a practical point of view…heavy black-out curtains. No explanation needed!Nope, none at all!


R. Our readers are always stressing over storage in their kid’s rooms. What are

your top tips?

L. Firstly clear out! When your living with all ‘the stuff’ you only see stuff and want to store it away. You probably don’t need more storage you just need to find the time and headspace to have a clear out. It’s so cleansing. The games with missing pieces, the sentimental keeps, the toys your children have outgrown. GET RID. Establish what toys are used regularly and use them as display and rotate.

When buying or considering new (non-permanent/built in) storage, consider vintage pieces which will be a vocal point for the room.  Vintage lockers, suitcases and trunks all make for practical toy storage.


R. When you interview your small clients, what are the key questions you ask


L. We interview our mini clients after their room makeover. We usually ask what they love about their new room, can they remember what it used to look like (never) and they usually disclose something they shouldn’t that makes their parents blush. It’s lovely to see the world through a childs eyes.


R. Do you have any rules?

L. NO…I leave that to the parents! Sensible 😊


R. What have been some of your favourite projects?

L. I love Arthur’s room. The space reflects a very typical London home. It’s fun, gender neutral and has so many vocal points. The recent project we finished in Little Venice is fab. Incorporating a few classic pieces such as String shelving & Eames chairs and a little neon. I have no doubt this tween will be taking these pieces with her when she moves out!They sound great, looking forward to showing everyone more of Arthur’s room in the 1st issue of Rooomy.






R. Who or what are some of your design inspirations when thinking about kid’s


L. I love Milk Magazine, Pinterest. And VM in high street (non kids stores) is always great for pushing the boundaries and thinking from a different angle. Maison Objet in Paris is a great one-stop shop to soak in current and future trends. (insert link https://www.pinterest.co.uk/



R. Where do you like to hang out in your spare time when you’re switching off and relaxing?

L. Anywhere with a quiet corner to catch up and have a glass of wine. I’m a big fan of the relaxed atmosphere of London gastro pubs and I love the informality of Russell Normans restaurants, such as Miskins and Polpetto. And since having a baby I’m partial to any type of spa activity and complete silence!


R. Can you describe your interior design signature style and what is unique

about it?

L. Personally I love vintage pieces. I would rather buy something old with a story than something new and shiny. I have also had a huge mental shift personally on buy cheap, buy twice in many areas of my life. So, I would rather have quality over quantity. I love the idea of my son wanting some of our furniture when he moves out, through timeless design and craftsmanship that has longevity.


R. What mistakes are your clients regularly making with their interiors?

L. Being too safe and practical. You must remember the image you see in a magazine or on Pinterest is not always as practical once dissected. They have an ‘ooooh’ factor. Do something outside your comfort zone.




R. Tell me more about your E-Interiors for clients.

L. E-Interiors is relatively new to the UK. Its HUGE in the US and Australia. Particularly in kid’s interiors. It’s a way to have a hold over your budget with help and advice from an expert.

We offer packages from £79-£279. Everything from product sourcing to a full room package which includes paint colours, furniture, accessories and shopping list with links. www.bornandbredstudio.com/einteriors So you listen to what the customer wants and create a mood board for them?  This sounds so great, something I need to do for my girls’ rooms!


How great is Lisa? You’ll be pleased to hear that she has offered a little treat exclusive offer to Rooomy Readers! Born & Bred Studio are offering 10% discount on all KIDS e-interior packages when you subscribe to their newsletter and enter code ROOOMY, available until 31.12.17


So, that’s two designers down and one to go.  If you have any questions for Lisa please email me and she will be able to share her wisdom with you in the magazine next year.


Coming up next week is a post all about… CHRISTMAS! And then soon after that you’ll be able to meet the third designer for Rooomy, the lovely Talya.




Rachel x

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