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February 15, 2019

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October 2, 2017

“Just do it, have a go, either do something or stop talking about it”


This is me, Rachel, the creator behind Rooomy Magazine.  It feels so good to finally get started with a blog for Rooomy and share what this is all about.


First things first, what is Rooomy?  Oh yeah, lots of people have fed back that I’ve been pretty unclear on that.  In a nutshell, Rooomy is a digital magazine dedicated entirely to kid’s interiors.  


I have been thinking about Rooomy for the last 5 years, ever since I started to decorate my 1st daughter’s bedroom.  There was very little out there to inspire me.  


I’d purchased a few baby mags which would have one or two pages dedicated to interiors and then the interiors magazines would have nothing major unless they were featuring a reader’s home and they had children which meant I might catch a glimpse of 3” pic somewhere in a feature.



I struggled to find anything out there which showcased children’s rooms and the many possibilities they hold.  There is of course the wonderful Pinterest which is a great source of ideas, from the practical to the obscene, yes, my daughter would love to sleep in a full-size Cinderella coach that takes up most of her room! Haha.


All this frustration got me thinking, there needs to be something for parents to look at.  A lot of rooms get the bed, the chest of drawers, a table maybe and then the rest is free space.  What could be done with all this space to invoke a child’s desire and ability to play, their need to feel safe and to help them get all cosy and get a good nights kip (then everybody’s happy)?!

So, I thought, I know I’ll create a magazine all about kids interiors, job done!

Ha, ha, ha, I chatted about it to lots of peeps, looked into printing costs (WOW!) and then a great friend who used to work in publishing said she thought it was a great idea but that I should not print and do it all online.  Whilst I was thrilled she didn’t think the idea was ridiculous I was also gutted because I had no idea where to begin with doing something digitally.


Fast forward 5 years and I have taught myself a lot, I’ve built a number of websites, they’re not amazing but they do their job, I have started to learn InDesign too and have got my head round Instagram, finally! My head hurts most of the time now.  All the while “kids interiors” has been at the back of my mind.  My amazing friends finally said to me “just do it, have a go, it might work but either do something or stop talking about it”.  I love the honesty of friendship, don’t you?  Thank you ladies (Elizabeth, Ann & Jo x)


Where to start then – rally the troops!!


Friend Jo – Digital Marketing Guru – “Start on one channel and get it right” Instagram Rooomy account here I come.


Friend Elizabeth – Design Guru – “Go for it, but it needs to look awesome” – panic, what do I actually post?  Who would want to follow Rooomy/me? Elizabeth looks at the pics I want to post, advises how to tweak them and then creates me my gorgeous brand, love my R! It really is who you know, and I am blessed.



Instagram has been growing slowly but surely and everyone I talk to seems to think it’s a good idea, so you’ll have to watch this space, it could all go horribly wrong.


Next on the list is how to take decent pics of interiors, I would like to put more original content up and start showcasing what parents are doing, not just the experts, although experts are really, really good at what they do, thus their title ;o)


I will start with my eldest daughter’s room



I’d love to stay in touch, so do subscribe for free  to receive the first edition of the magazine and join me over on Instragam too if you fancy.


Love, Rachel x


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